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February  2012   Issue Vol. 44  No. 2 

Buyers’ Guide
Your Prescription to the Right Tablet
Before purching your tablet here are some points to keep in mind
Technology Focus
Designing Cutting-Edge Wearable Medical Devices
Devices like iontophoresis patches and ovulation prediction systems present the designers with new challenges
Automatic Fan Controller For Air-conditioners
Many central air-conditioning systems (ACs) have the option for cooling and heating both. These have a fan for blowing hot or cold air drawn from a central unit, often with no automatic speed control for the fan.
Live Home Security System
Presented here is a simple and inexpensive PC-based home security system. It uses a simple interfacing circuitry, and is developed
using Perl and Shell scripts and tested on Linux (Ubuntu 9.10) environment. The computer should be connected to the Internet, webcam, speaker and microphone.
Download source code
Circuit Ideas
Laptop Audio Amplifier
Usually, the audio output from a laptop’s built-in speakers is low. A power amplifier is required to get a high volume. Here is a simple circuit to amplify the laptop’s audio output.
Software Section
Digital Filter Design Using Matlab
Digital filters are commonplace and an essential element of everyday electronics such as radios, cellphones and stereo receivers.
Download source code
Dawn of High-Efficiency Solar Cells
To create highly efficient solar cells, researchers are looking at approaches like integrating PV systems with solar thermal components, light splitting, solar energy harvesting at night and diamond-based solar concentrators
SixthSense is all about making technology
more human!

A lot has happened since 2009—the year when Pranav Mistry, the Indian technology wizard who is currently working as a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, US, unveiled the ‘SixthSense’ technology. ‘SixthSense’ is a wearable gestural interface that allows users to project the digital information existing on the World Wide Web onto any surface around them and use natural hand gestures to interact with that information.
Embedded Systems: Fast Track for Smart Brains
Professionals trained in embedded systems technologies are a rare commodity in the recruitment marketplace. Considering the vast scope of the field, ranging from telecom to consumer electronics to aerospace, the demand for embedded systems engineers for product development and application will continue to grow in the years to come
Technology Focus
Medical Electronics Shaping the Future of Healthcare
Medical electronics has immense potential to address healthcare concerns and challenges like rising costs, access and quality of care
Circuit Ideas
Security Alarm
Thwart any attempt of burglary in your house using this alarm circuit. When someone opens the door of your room, it sounds an alarm intermittently and flashes light as well.
EFY Report
Components Manufacturing Can India Rise to the Occasion?
The manufacturing policy initiated by the government is a big step forward but it doesn’t
address the ‘resource’ issue. The financial resources and technology base are critical for any future growth
EFY Report
Components Distribution Emerging Sectors
Aggressive research and development activities around e-books, touch panel devices, tablet PCs and green technology are evident and there has been a steady increase in the demand for solutions related to these emerging sectors
Technology Focus
Medical Electronics Shaping the Future of Healthcare
Medical electronics has immense potential to address healthcare concerns and challenges like rising costs, access and quality of care
Moksha: Unmanned Ground Vehicle
The Moksha ground vehicle developed by the robotics team of M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology navigates to a given location by evaluating the shortest and safest path
Is Einstein Turning In His Grave?
There is a furore in the physics community ollowing an announcement by the Gran Sasso National Laboratory that they have observed neutrinos travelling faster than light. This could open possibilities to send information back in time, time travel and much more
Touchscreens: What’s The Latest?
This article explores the different advancements in touchscreen technology. It also highlights key points that design engineers must consider when selecting touchscreen technology for their projects
What More from a Smartphone?
Today, a smartphone can browse the Web, play D video, run the latest applications, handle interactive 3D gaming and have inbuilt e-mail, chat and social networking solutions. How does this palm-sized device manage all this?
Circuit Ideas
SMPS Spark Suppressor
This circuit protects the power plug of a switched-mode power supply (SMPS) against sparks that may damage its contact terminals.
Circuit Ideas
Dual-Tone Horn
This circuit generates two different frequencies and mixes these to produce a balanced ringing tone, which can be used in burglar alarms or call bells.
Circuit Ideas
Simple Soldering Iron Temperature Regulator
Soldering irons are available in different wattages and usually run at 230V AC mains. However, these have no temperature control.
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March 2018
Issue Vol. 50 No. 3

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