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October  2017   Issue Vol. 49  No. 10 

Decision Makers’ Connect
Green Technology is India Renewable Energised?
A recent report published by Niti Aayog highlights that India’s current installed electricity generation capacity of 275GW is significantly higher than the peak demand of 140GW...

Tech Focus
The best chips for mobile devices
A system-on-a-chip (SoC) integrates digital, analogue and mixed signals, as well as RF functions into a single unit...
Convolutional neutral networks for autonomous cars (Part 1 of 2)
Convolutional neural networks (CNNs or ConvNets) used in machine learning are similar to neural networks...
System design tricks for wireless communication
The launch of Bluetooth 4.0 was a revolution...
Innovation In Every Sphere Of Life
.Instantly turn your bicycle into an electric bike
.A smart case that runs Android on your iPhone
.Get active while playing mobile games
.Smartwatch with traditional mechanical hands
.Smart night lamp that stays alert when you are sleepy
.Wearable, cloud-connected camera that uploads videos in real time

Ruggedise the hardware, increase its life
McLaren-Honda, manufacturer of premium electric racing cars, recently started using silicon-carbide (SiC) power devices...
Sensy remote: Change TV channels with your smartphone
Nowadays, with hundreds of TV channels to choose from, it is quite a task to remember channel numbers or know what is running on which channel at a time...
Smart World
Robots in manufacturing: Cost vs benefits
Automobile and electronics manufacturing in India is getting a facelift with heavy investments in robotic solutions...
Smart World
How green buildings pay off: Covestro case study
Companies that invest in green practices for their factories or buildings derive significant environmental as well as financial profits...
Smart World
Automated irrigation: Stepping stone to productive farming
Automation is finding its way to help farmers get the best out of their yards. Let’s take a look into how the agricultural community...
Smart World
LoRaWAN will help us stay informed about our infrastructure in real time
Since its inception from TATA Steel, the Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company (JUSCO) carries out all functions of urban development and infrastructure maintenance in the Steel City of India. In conversation with Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You, Ashish Mathur, MD, JUSCO, explains...
FPV cameras for drones: An introduction
What pilots see while flying drones is the low-latency analogue video from a first-person view (FPV) camera...
Image processing using MATLAB: Basic operations (Part 1 of 4)
In this series of four articles, fundamentals as well as advanced topics of image processing using MATLAB are discussed...
Internet of Things: The protocols landscape
The next era of computing is the Internet of Things (IoT), also known as the Internet of Objects...
Test & Measurement
Wireline test equipment: Moving on from copper to fibre optics
Although wireless communication is in vogue across most industries today, wireline cables still play an important role in the telecom industry...

Make In India (Market Survey)
SMT equipment: The Indian market outlook
In this era of digital disruption, electronic circuits and devices are vital catalysts for various applications in sectors ranging from consumer appliances to automotive to defence...
Internet of Things: “SME industrial systems could be compromised”
Small and medium-scale enterprises cannot choose to ignore top-class security for their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To help them guard against cyber threats, engineers need to develop suitable solutions by understanding the nature of attacks that IoT networks are vulnerable to. Faud Khan, chief security analyst at TwelveDot Inc., Canada, speaks to Rahul R. from EFY Group about the issues and developments in this space
Startups: “To succeed, startups should have ideas that can be monetised”
Electropreneur Park, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)-funded electronic system design and manufacturing (ESDM) incubation centre at the Delhi University campus, is built with the aim to accelerate the Indian ESDM startup ecosystem. As it gets ready for the fourth incubation season, Sanjeev Chopra, CEO, Electropreneur Park, shares with Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You their criteria for selecting startups and facilities for shortlisted startups
Making PCBs at home photographically (Part 1 of 2)
Here is a comprehensive guide to make your own PCBs at home using materials that are readily available in shops and online stores...
eStyle Do-It-Yourself
Turn your Android phone into home security camera
For those who do not want to invest in separate surveillance cameras and go through the hassle of installation, configuring a spare Android smartphone...
eStyle Buyers' Guide
Smart cameras to secure your home
Home security cameras are becoming smart with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, motion sensors, real-time streaming and so on...
Tech News (Technology Updates)
Smart traffic signals help blind cross streets
Smart traffic signals that are designed to improve the traffic flow could also help pedestrians with visual or other disabilities safely cross streets, or even catch a bus...
Industry News (Make in India)
Global e-waste to grow at 4-5 per cent annually
The global quantity of electronics waste (e-waste) is expected to touch 49.8 million tonnes by 2018...
eStyle First Look
.Multifunctional Smartwatch
.Portable Bluetooth Speaker
.Sony High-Power Audio System
.3D Writer
.Portable Bluetooth Speakers
.4G Smartphone
.Selfie Camera Phone
.GizMo ByTes

Automatic drip irrigantion system
Conventional irrigation method wastes a lot of water, leading to a high cost of electricity to run the pumpset for irrigation...
Download source code
Single-wire 4x4 matrix keypad using AVR
This tutorial demonstrates a different way of interfacing a 4x4 matrix keypad with ATmega32 AVR microcontroller...
Download source code
4x4x4 LED cube using AT89C2051
This 4x4x4 LED cube for use in science laboratories is very easy to assemble...
Download source code
Bipolar power supply with adjustable regulators
LM317T and LM337T ICs are well-known, low-cost adjustable voltage regulators capable...
Triple power supply from USB
Nowadays, most portable electronic gadgets are powered by USB adaptors...
How to play with light using LDR
In electronics, there are many ways to play with light the way you dream...
Better utilisation of radio spectrum with cognitive radio
Cognitive radio is an intelligent technology that improves radio spectrum utilisation...
Download source code
From design and simulation to utility software
The following software, besides other, can be found in the DVD accompanying EFY Plus edition of this magazine
EasyEDA 4.8.5: A next-gen PCB layout tool
EasyEDA 4.8.5 is a boon for designers as it can be downloaded on the desktop, which makes it available even when offline...
Scilab 6.0.0: A numerical computation tool for precision
Scilab open source software for numerical computation is used by engineers and designers for modelling, simulation and scientific research...
Proview SCADA: The first Open Source SCADA software
Proview SCADA is a powerful software for sequential control, supervision and data acquisition...
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