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July  2016   Issue Vol. 48  No. 7 

Tech Focus
Is A Smarthome Safe Enough For You?
It would be clichéd to begin this article by saying sci-fi visions of the past have now become real.

Buyers Guide
Oscilloscope: Get The Best At The Best Price
Are you planning to buy an oscilloscope? Pause and read this article first, because it might help you get complete value for your money.
Information Technology
The Outernet: Information From The Sky
“For 60 per cent of the world’s population, regular Internet access is about as common as flying cars but where the Internet has failed, the Outernet hopes to succeed,” according to Gizmodo.
High-Speed PCB Design For Electromagnetic Compatibility (Part 1 of 5)
In the world of electronics goods, where margins are razor thin, manufacturers try to keep product cost low to maintain a competitive edge.
Vehicles’ Ethernet Emerging Trends And Challenges
Connected car is the buzz word today. In reality, the connected car already relies on the Ethernet.
Technologies That Drive Communication Devices
Evolution of mobile communication has increased the need for faster, quicker and efficient means of sharing data, mobile payments, product tracking, human identification, health and others.
Information Technology
The Power Of Grid Computing
The concept of tapping unused CPU cycles was born in the early 1970s. This was the time when computers were first getting linked together using network engineering.
Test & Measurement
From Spying To Dynamic Traffic Control With Thermal Cameras
The first thermal camera developed for the US army took about an hour to generate a single image. The devices have developed quite a bit since then, and now we have a live feed from thermal imaging cameras.
How Modern Technology Is Revolutionising The Academic Sector
All college graduates leave the final year with hopes of joining some prestigious firm and making a name for themselves in a field of their choice.
Defence Electronics
Directed Energy Weapons: High-Power Microwaves (Part 4 of 8)
In the previous parts of this article we talked about particle beam weapons and their technology, in addition to touching base on high-power microwaves (HPMs). In this part, we learn more about HPMs.
Blend Fine Artistry In engineering And Design Through This DVD
OrCAD is a proprietary software tool suite used primarily for electronic design automation (EDA)...
Car Head-Up Display Based Smart Infotainment System
Let us imagine a fine day when you are going with family to a picnic in a car. Music and movies keep the kids entertained.
The Latest In Storage Products
Let us take a look at what a minute looks like to a Big Data analyst.
Make In India
Market Survey: Will Home Automation Create A Bull Market?
The trend of automating home activities by using intelligent terminals to control appliances and equipment has opened up a huge market globally, bringing new and exciting opportunities for technology companies.
eStyle Buyers’ Guide
Selecting The Best Wi-Fi Solution You Can Get Today
The Paradox of Choice (Schwartz, 2004) argues that, eliminating consumer choices can greatly reduce anxiety for shoppers.
eStyle Do-It-Yourself
How To Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox
Most of us have a Gmail account these days, but at some point we have all found that the space in the inbox gets filled up pretty quickly.
Low-Cost Air-Quality Meter
Air pollution and concern about air quality is not something new. Complaints were recorded even in the 13th century when coal was first used for industrial purposes in London.
Download source code
SMS Based Home Automation Using Arduino
Today, GSM networks are widely-used, whether for making calls or sending SMSes. In this project we will be controlling home appliances by sending SMSes.
Download source code
Lost Plane Finder
The lost plane finder introduced here is a little onboard beacon, also known as lost model alarm/crashed aircraft beacon, which helps you find a crashed or downed radio-controlled plane.
Audio Noise Limiter
Audio noise can be annoying, especially if you are trying to listen to a very weak radio station. Peaks of unwanted background noise completely swamp the broadcast signal, making it unintelligible.
Wireless Water-Level Indicator Without Microcontroller
A wired water-level indicator uses many wires, whose resistance increases as their length increases.
Raspberry Pi Based SMS Server
Until recently, for sending an SMS we had to use third-party services from the Internet.
Download source code
Basic Image Processing Using MATLAB
I read ‘Create Superlative Images Using OpenCV’ software article in September 2015 issue under EFY DVD Plus section and found it to be very good.
Download source code
CometCAD: From Symbol To PCB Layout
CometCAD is a tool for creating circuit schematics and printed circuit boards (PCBs).
PCB123 For Easier And Faster PCB Turnout
PCB123 is a software tool for printed circuit board (PCB) designing.
eCos For Limitless Configurations Of Your Embedded OS
When the acronym for software tells you only what it is and nothing else, you can surely expect a no-nonsense approach from it.
Useful Websites
Open Source Hardware
Open source hardware are such hardware where designs like mechanical drawings, schematics, bills of material, PCB layout data and others are released under free/libre terms. Here are a few websites that will introduce you to a few commonly-available open source hardware and communities
Tech News
Nanogenerator for harvesting wind, solar energy to power IoT devices
The Internet of Things (IoT) could make cities smarter by connecting an extensive network of tiny communications devices to make life more efficient.
Make in India: Industry News
Government cleares investment proposals worth Rs.173 billion in electronics sector
The government of India has given a nod to proposals worth Rs.173 billion in the electronics manufacturing sector.
Make in India: New Products
Test & Measurement

First Look
.Smartphone from LG
.Zebronics introduces speakers
.Kingston launches SSD
.HyperX launches gaming headset
.Amosta launches Windows PC
.Personal fitness trainer from Panasonic
.LED TV from Intex
.GizMo ByTes

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June 2016
Issue Vol. 48 No. 6


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