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Electronics For You
April  2014   Issue Vol. 46  No. 4 

Technology Focus
Be(a)ware of the Smart Home
Smart homes are great. They are more energy-efficient, safe and comfortable too. But, you need to resist the temptation to micro-manage your home, or it can make you dizzy! Let us
set you thinking by telling you a few (mostly nice) things about the emerging smart home

Buyers’ Guide
Handheld Digital Multimeters
This guide will provide you insights into different types of DMMs and assist you in buying the one that suits your requirement
DIY: Project
Solar-Powered Home Lighting System
This project suggests a system that uses solar power and LED lighting technology in a more efficient way
Download source code
DIY: Project
Arduino-Controlled Namaste Greeting Robot
The concept of controlling various servo motors through Arduino Uno board is introduced here with a fun project called ‘namaste robot.’
Download source code
DIY: Circuit
Subwoofer for Cars
This system needs to be attached to an existing car stereo amplifier to add extra ‘boom effect’ to the music
DIY: Circuit
Battery Tester
Here is a simple circuit to test a wide range of batteries quickly. The circuit does not have a power supply of its own and uses the power from the battery under test for its operation
DIY: Circuit
Multi-tone Configurable Alarm
Presented here is a multi-tone configurable alarm that can be activated by temperature and other physical parameters
DIY: Circuit
Touch-Tone Dialer
Presented here is a simple touch-tone dialer made using tone encoder TCM5087. It shows how dial tones are generated in telephone dialing systems
DIY: Tips & Technique
Network Storage with Raspberry Pi
An always-on network backup device accessible to a computer from both outside and inside the network is a highly desirable thing. As the system will always be on, power consumption is an important consideration
DIY: Tips & Technique
Multifunction LCD Clock with Raspberry Pi
With just two simple Python files, an inexpensive LCD display and a low-cost digital temperature sensor, you can turn Raspberry Pi into a beautiful LCD clock with IP address and temperature indication facility
DIY: Software
Resistor Value Calculation Standalone Application with MATLAB
We know that MATLAB is a very useful software tool and with its help we can build different types of applications
Download source code
DIY: Software
Part 3 of 5
Designing with FPGAs: An RS232 UART Controller

The first and second parts of the article discussed the implementation of I2C master controller and LCD display using FPGAs
Download source code
Technology: 3D
Some Techniques Used for the Third Dimension
How do we perceive the third dimension, that is, how do we distinguish between two and three dimensions? The answer is here
Defence Electronics
Part 1 of 4
Defence Lasers and Optronic Systems: Role of Electronics

Advances in the technologies of electronics devices and circuitry over the last two decades have been one of the key factors leading to explosive growth and maturity of laser systems designed for military usage in diverse application scenarios. Electronics that go along with a military laser system are much more than a power supply and involve complex technologies. This first part in a four-part series focusses on the role of electronics and the technologies involved in laser and optoelectronics systems intended for better established military applications
Test & Measurement
What is New in the Humble Signal Generator
In this story, we focus on features in today’s signal generators that play an important role in testing the devices we use on a daily basis, and also learn how new technologies in signal generators are helping engineers optimise their design better
Test & Measurement
What is New in Multimeters
A multimeter for an electronics engineer is as essential as a stethoscope is for a physician. It is an extremely useful, indispensable diagnostic tool for electronics design professionals, students and hobbyists—but is there anything more to it? This article provides some insights into the latest trends in multimeters
Post Show Report
EFY EXPO India 2014: What you have missed
The buoyant response to India’s mega electronics show—Electronics For You Expo 2014 (EFY Expo)—truly proved it to be an Indian exhibition for the global electronics industry
Buyers’ Guide
ESD Safety Solutions
With electronic devices becoming faster and smaller, their sensitivity to ESD is also increasing. Therefore it becomes important to understand the fundamentals of prevention and control of ESD before planning to buy ESD safety solutions
Internet of Things
“We think using open platforms that comply with standards is the right way to go...”
Internet of Things, Bangalore (IoTBLR) is a thriving do-it-yourself (DIY) community populated by enthusiasts working to create stuff for the Internet of Things (IoT). Nihal Kashinath, founder of the group and Nagasai Arun Panchakarla, co-organiser, tell us about the relevance of DIY for building the IoT
EFY Design Contest
India’s Biggest Electronics Design Awards
The Most ‘Open’ Design Contest In the World
Software in This Month’s DVD
This month, we bring you a JTAG/boundary scan tool that is designed for newcomers.
If you are a programming enthusiast, we have hardware description languages—PHDL
and VisualHDL—the THDL++ based IDE tools for FPGAs
Automate Your Home, With Just a Switch!
iRam Technologies has designed an IPv6-enabled electrical switch which can be easily retrofitted for automating our homes
Technology: Broadcasting
Digital Radio Heralding Opportunities for R&D, Manufacturing and Exports
to provide enhanced audio quality, service reliability and additional features, countries around the world are adopting digital technology as the latest trend in radio, television and telecommunications. In keeping with the government’s decision of transitioning towards the digital mode of transmission, All India Radio is switching from analogue to digital broadcasting in a phased manner with a target of complete digitisation by the year 2017
EFY-Awards 2013
And the Winners are!

Embedded Design
Building Better Power Sources for Modern Embedded Systems
Miniaturisation of electronics has created numerous modern form factors where a conventional battery does not fit any more. Thus you may need to go for a different battery to power your new mobile design. This article helps you in selecting the one for your next-generation embedded system
Industry Report
Indian UPS and Inverter Industry Growing Slowly but Steadily
The UPS and inverter industry in India is expected to grow slowly but steadily. It has some interesting technology trends in its pipeline too. In this report, we explore what is exactly driving this industry, new market and technological trends, challenges faced in India and future expectations with respect to industrial and small office/home office use
Power Electronics in Solar Industry to Soon Hit the Mainstream
With the ever-increasing demand for power, industry experts say the solar industry in India is still in its infancy. This story covers the scope for a career in the power electronics area of solar industry, including skills expected, pay packages and expert advice
eStyle First Look!
.Sony Introduces Xperia T2 Ultra- The Large Screen Smartphone
.Swipe Telecom’s Dual-SIM 3G Calling Phablet
.Intex Introduces New Range of Multimedia Speakers
.Lenovo Unleashes Premium Multi-Media Notebook
.ZTE9 Releases The World’s Fastest Home Entertainment Console
.GizMo ByTes

"SiC leads to both lower system cost and an improvement of efficiency"
Did you know that silicon carbide (SiC) could improve efficiency of power products whilst simultaneously lower the total product cost? Niranjan G., general manager, Business Development and Technical Marketing, ROHM Semiconductor speaks to Dilin Anand and Sneha Ambastha from EFY at an industry trade show in Delhi
Technology News
First global high-speed broadband for the skies
US-based Honeywell Aerospace and Gogo, suppliers of in-flight connectivity systems to airlines, in collaboration with satellite giant Inmarsat, are now coming up with the ‘first global high-speed broadband for the skies.’
Industry News
Karnataka to have solar energy policy soon
The government of Karnataka is now on its way to encourage people to take up roof-top solar energy production, as it plans to have a stable policy to promote and control the solar energy project
goJTAG, a JTAG/Boundary Scan Tool
Wide adoption of standardised IEEE 1149.x test methods has called for the independent and non-commercial platform-based tools for JTAG test principles. goJTAG is a JTAG/boundary scan tool which offers a clear illustration of the standard test principles. Read this article to get an insight of how to start working with it
Let us Learn Scilab
Scilab is a FOSS programming environment that aids in numerical computations for engineering and scientific purposes. This tool is used for learning engineering sciences and automatic control engineering
FreePCB Editor to Edit and Layout PCBs
Most free or low-cost PCB editors are either limited by pin and layer limits, or have bugs that make them difficult to use. So we have found a better one for you. Read this article to know more about the PCB editor called FreePCB
Useful Websites
Electronics Educational Kits
This month we present a few websites that will provide you an insight on electronic kits available for educational use
"What every green product designer should know"
Green products are those with lower power consumption footprints, through either improving efficiency or by harvesting renewable energy. This interview focusses on potential ways to make your product greener.
Puneet Shukla, CEO, Saison Components and Solutions talks to Sneha Ambastha and Pankaj Vashisht
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March 2014
Issue Vol. 46 No. 3


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