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January  2018   Issue Vol. 50  No. 1 

Green Technology
Wind Power: The Global Impact
“Of all the forces of nature, I should think the wind contains the largest amount of motive power—that is, power to move things. Take any given space of the earth’s surface—for instance, Illinois; and all the power exerted by all the men, and beasts, and running-water, and steam, over and upon it, shall not equal the one hundredth part of what is exerted by the blowing of the wind over and upon the same space.

Smart World
Aadhaar-Enabled Biometric Attendance system
Government buildings need multiple Aadhaar-enabled biometric attendance systems at their entry gates
Smart World
Streetlighting: Should States Invest In Solar?
In areas where cabling and grid power maintenance might be a challenge, investing in solar streetlights is a good option
Smart World
Mission 2030: Where Does India’s EV Ecosystem Stand?
At present, India doesn’t have any manufacturer with the technology or infrastructure to make lithium batteries for EVs
Smart World
Kolkata Municipality Benefits From Solar Streetlights
After solar streetlight installation, Deshapriya Park in Kolkata was able to reduce its electricity bill from Rs 31,000 a month to Rs 1800 a month
Electronic Skin: Advancements And Opportunities
Skin plays an important role in mediating our interactions with the world. Specifically, human skin can sense pressure and temperature, stretch, and heal itself. Electronic skin is a thin electronic material that mimics human skin in one or more ways.
Cloud Solutions
From Sensor To Cloud: A Plug-And-Play Approach Evolving
In a perfect world, connecting devices, machines and systems to the cloud should be as simple as connecting USB devices or PCIe expansion cards to a PC.
special Processors To Drive IoTs And Wearables
Globally, there will be over 20 billion connected devices in the next five years, representing $7 trillion dollars in revenue. This corresponds to roughly three devices for every person and a value higher than the year 2016 GDP of all the countries in the world, except the US and China.
The Golden Rules Of Electronic Circuit Design
While testing a smartphone, the manufacturer finds a major flaw in the device. Some internal body parts have overheated and melted during the stress-test.
World’s Cheapest And Smallest Ventilator Made In India
Ventilators have become synonymous for emergency care. Unfortunately, due to their high cost, not every hospital and patient in the world can afford them.
“You Need To Take That L-Shaped Pcb And Figure Out How To Put Millimetre Wave Into It”
There is a lot of talk about 5G, its benefits and applications. For engineers planning to start playing around with 5G, it’s important to get a bird’s eyeview of the challenges in designing a mobile device using this technology. Jim Cathey, Larry Paulson and Peter Carson from Qualcomm explain the basics to EFY’s Dilin Anand
“The Biggest Challenge Today Is The Lack Of Hardware”
With expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), we are looking at an ecosystem filled with sensors geographically distributed over large areas. This calls for a wide-area network (WAN) bridged by low-power communication echnologies.Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You spoke to Gaurav Sareen, country director-India, Sigfox, to understand benefits of low-power wide-area network technologies and how the Indian ecosystem is adapting to these
Tech Focus
How Smart Can Your City Get
Some define a smart city as a city studded with sensors, which collect information to help manage the city’s assets and resources efficiently.
Test & Measurement
High-Speed Memory Testing Trends And Tips
The high-speed random-access memory (RAM) market is dominated by doubledata-rate (DDR) technology with DDR4 ruling the pack. Mobile devices like tablets, laptops and smartphones use a low-power version of DDR (LPDDR) to lower their power consumption.
Arduino-Based Two-Wheel Self-Balancing segway
Segbot, Segway and inverted pendulum—two-wheel selfbalancing robots are known by many names. Here we build a twowheel self-balancing robot (segway) using an MPU-6050 chip.
Download source code
Multifunction Rechargeable Digital Clock
Presented here is a digital clock that also functions as a rechargeable light lantern and a mobile charger. The clock has all the basic functions like datetime display, alarm and room
temperature display.
Download source code
Door-Ajar Alert With Countdown Timer
Ever accidentally left your room door ajar for a long period of time and found your valuables missing? Here is an intelligent solution for you.
Download source code
Understanding Spectrogram Of Speech Signals Using Matlab Program
This article explains speech signal analysis and processing with MATLAB to get its frequency-domain representation.
Download source code
AC Lamp Blinker Using Timer NE555
There are at least two popular applications of blinking a string of 110V/230V AC incandescent lamps. The first is audio-visual warning at construction sites or where repairing is going on.
Add-On Usb Power Circuit For Ups
Most computer UPS have only 230V output and no USB output. Presented here is a circuit that gives 5V USB output using the 12V, 7Ah UPS battery fitted inside a UPS.
Simple Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm
The circuit presented here raises an alarm on detecting flames and high temperatures.
The Latest In Sensors And Applications
Be it a silent heart attack detector that detects the protein level of a patient or a posture-correcting chair that alerts the occupant sitting in a wrong posture—both recently invented by Indian teenagers—sensors have a vital role to play in electronic devices.
Image Processing Using MATLAB: Image Deblurring And Hough Transform
Image deblurring removes distortion from a blurry image using knowledge of the point spread function (PSF).
Flexible Displays: A Revolutionary Breakthrough!
For decades displays have been simply flat pieces of glass or plastic that dictated the design of technology.
How The IoT Is Revolutionising Telecom
Given all the marketing push and hype around the Internet of Things (IoT), it is difficult to predict how business models will evolve over the next few years.
Market Survey
Can India Become An Electronics Design Hub?
After decades of sluggish demand, the Indian electronics industry is on a roll—largely due to increased digitisation (making electronics an inseparable part of almost all types of products) and an insatiable local demand for electronics goods.
Project Report
Solar Rooftop PV Plant Installation
The Indian government has set its sights on having 175GW of non-hydro renewable capacity (made up of 60GW onshore wind, 60GW utility-scale solar, 10GW bio energy, 5GW small hydro and 40GW rooftop solar) by 2022. At present, this figure stands at just 60GW.
Tools For Coders And Fun St uff For Gamers
. Small Device C Compiler
. JDK 9
. Free Pascal
. Open Watcom
. Terasology
Lasi 7: For Designing Versatile Integrated Circuits
One of the most popular freeware for layout and design, Lasi is amazingly versatile as it can be used with various electronic components like ICs, MEMS, PC boards and project documentation drawings.
Simulating Your Intel Processor With GNUSim8085
For engineers looking to program their processors as per specific applications, a good number of open source simulation tools are available. GNUSim8085 is one such software.
OSMC: A Friendly Media Centre For Your Raspberry Pi
A reliable open source media player comes
handy when working on media files. A media centre software called Open Source Media Center (OSMC) can help you get support from an expansive range of systems, including Windows, iOS, Linux as well as other devices like Raspberry Pi.
Tech News
World’s largest battery built in Australia
Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has delivered on his promise of building the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery in 100 days.
Industry News
By 2020, AI to create more jobs than it eliminates
Artificial intelligence (AI) will create 2.3 million jobs in 2020, while eliminating 1.8 million—according to Gartner.
India Electronics Week 2018
India Electronics Week 2018 Driving Technology, Innovation & Investment for Smart Products
Few things that set the last edition of India Electronics Week (IEW) apart were 150-plus speakers, 3,000-plus conference delegates, over 30 per cent of visitors traveled from outside Karnataka for the show, and last but not the least: over 35 per cent were first-time visitors to a tech-expo!
India Electronics Week 2018
Discover the ‘Smart World’ at IEW 2018
Smart is in. Be it the water-tap or your car, your telephone or your city—everything is getting smarter.
eStyle Home Automation
Furnishings That Automate Your Home
Smart furniture is the next big thing in home automation. Many international furniture brands like Ikea now offer an interesting range of smart products such as tables with wireless charging pads, multimedia beds, alarm embedded bedsheets and many more
eStyle Super Car
Supercars Are Coming Give Way on the Highways
Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand tall
eStyle Do-It-Yourself
Convert Your Laptop Into A Multimedia Centre
Have you ever thought of making your own media centre PC that can handle nearly every available multimedia format?
eStyle Virtual Reality
Forget Roller Coasters,The Latest Adventure FAD is Virtual Reality
"Ever been to a virtual reality (VR) ride?
It gives you such a high that you literally get the feeling of an adrenaline rush,”
eStyle Notebooks
Smart Notebooks That Last Almost Forever
We all wish for a notebook that never runs out of paper. Finding the relevant notes amidst a sea of pages calls for technology to help.
eStyle Over-The-Top Media
Netflix on I-Pad is old, is the new Gold Paromik Chakraborty over-the-top media firestick
Videos and images stored in your mobile phone appear more attractive on a television screen, like posters or movies, respectively-especially for viewing during a family gathering.
eStyle Wearables
Smart Wearables To Buy Or Not To Buy?
I recently invested in a fitness band, which has made me conscious about my lifestyle choices more than ever. It doesn’t limit to the number of hours I work out, but rather extends to how I eat and what I eat.
eStyle Smart Living
New-Age Devices for A Smarter Living
Smart technology has gained immense popularity in recent years. Smartphones have been the kickstarter of the smart revolution in homes.
eStyle Buyers' Guide
The Best Smart TV within Rs 30,000
Smart TVs offer much more than just a good screen and display resolution
eStyle Book Review
Hit Refresh
By Satya Nadella

An eclectic mix of three paradigms: Humans,
Technology and the change in Interface
eStyle FirstLook

. Touchscreen Smartwatch
. Dual-driver Headphones
. Bluetooth Speakers
. 4K Smart TVs
. Curved-Screen Notebook
. Smartphone with OLED Display
. Portable Wireless Speaker
. GizMo ByTes
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Technologies for taking Internet to remote areas

Market Survey

Role of sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT)

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