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February  2015   Issue Vol. 47  No. 2 

Tech Focus
3D Printing: Out of This World and Into Your Bodies
3D printing is now moving towards becoming mainstream,” notes Vishesh Shishodia, co-founder, www.3dprintronics.com. Earlier, 3D printing was restricted to big industries or research labs that used industrial 3D printers for rapid prototyping. With the proliferation of desktop fused deposition modelling (FDM) based 3D printers, this technology has now come to the masses

Buyers’ Guide
Handheld Instruments: Low-Cost, Rugged Solution for Field and Lab
Handheld instruments were traditionally meant for field applications, but these are now being used in the research and development sector as a complementary product to existing benchtop instruments
Tech Focus
Amazing Advances in 3D Printing And the Cause for Concern
With a simple Google search, you can read about dozens of revolutionary developments in three-dimensional (3D) printing
Emerging Radar Technology: Real-Time Through-the-Wall Surveillance
Imagine hostages being taken by terrorists in a large building with all modes of communication shut-off. Rescuers are ready to deploy, but cannot because they do not know where the hostages are inside the building
Towards an Extra Layer of Security: Activating Two-Factor Authentication (Part 2 of 3)
In the first part of this article, last month, we learnt what two-factor authentication (TFA) is and its three types. Now, let us see how we can activate TFA for various websites and applications
LED Lighting
Implementing Capacitive-Touch Interfaces in Low-Cost LED Lighting Designs
In recent months, there has been a move to integrate capacitive-touch and capacitive-proximity user interfaces (UIs) into lighting applications. The simplicity of the UI, the ability to use irregularly-shaped sensors and the ability to seal the UI is advantageous for creating pleasing and low-maintenance LED interfaces
An Introduction to Fault-Tolerant Embedded Systems
We all use electronic systems in our day-to-day life. Many times we have seen that when systems fail, things get difficult. Consequences can be serious if failure happens in a critical function
Building Connected Internet of Things Widgets with Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo
The Internet of Things (IoT), defined by the Oxford dictionary as a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data, is the next big thing in embedded computing
Ultrasonic Radar Model Using Microcontroller ATmega128
Radar systems have a number of defence as well as civil applications. Air traffic control uses radars to track aircrafts on the ground and in the air, and to guide planes for smooth landings
Download source code
Watchdog Timer for Robust Embedded Systems
In a complex embedded system, a small bug may crash the whole system, or worse, put it into a dangerous operating mode. Bugs are not the only problem. A perfectly-designed-and-tested device on which a perfect code executes can still fail. A watchdog timer (WDT) is a safety mechanism that brings the system back to life when it crashes
Vedic Mathematics in Microcontrollers
When it comes to the embedded world, the microcontroller can perform a very large number of distinct functions
Selecting The Right Operating System for Your Next Embedded Design
From robots, cars, home appliances to calculators, thermostats, ATMs and mobile phones, embedded systems are everywhere
Matrix NAVAN CNX200: Office-in-a-Box Solution for Small Enterprises
Today’s start-ups and greenfield offices require phone systems, data routers, wireless access points, LAN, fixed cellular terminals and voice gateways
Defence Electronics
Precision-Guided Munitions: Guidance Techniques (Part 1 of 4)
Precision has always been one of the five most important attributes of a weapon, with operational range, striking power, volume of fire and portability being the other four
Future of Robots: Artificial Intelligence and The Need for R&D, According to IEEE
Robotics is by its essence a multi-disciplinary science. Research into autonomous navigation gathers knowledge from physics, electronics, mechanics and computer science
"Wearable technologies are starting to play a crucial role in the military as well"
High-end technology is vital to the success of a defence program. From soldiers in the field to decision-makers in the command and control centres, the flow of secure, real-time and accurate information helps shape the outcome of any military campaign. This network is a labyrinth of complex signal-processing technologies powered by the next generation of electronics systems. Somshubhro Pal Choudhry, MD, Analog Devices, and Paul K. Klonowski, global director, aerospace and defence, Analog Devices, speak with Rahul Chopra and Dilin Anand of EFY
In a nuclear reactor, a security breach can result in a large safety issue
Last five years have shown several large security vulnerabilities that can
create real-world safety implications, such as the Stuxnet worm that reportedly ruined one-fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. Shinto Joseph, operations and sales director, LDRA Technology Pvt Ltd, speaks with Dilin Anand of EFY about the increasing real-world implications of embedded software testing
This Month’s DVD Contents
This month’s DVD accompanying EFY plus is a collection of a variety of free and open source electronics design and automation (EDA) tools for multiple platforms
Some Amazing Products at CES 2015
Like deja-vu from sci-fi flicks, technology is getting larger than life. With camera drones, super camera smartphones, self-driven luxury cars, smarter wearables and smaller 3D printers, here is the must-not-miss from CES 2015
Buyers’ Guide
Selecting Your Next Wireless Router
The ever-changing technology, bandwidth requirements and the fact that you want the device to work for at least the next few years are some factors that make choosing an appropriate wireless router quite difficult
Make in India
Market Survey: With A Favourable Environment, Indian Wound Component Manufacturers Can Compete with Chinese
Electronics components industry is one of the key components that complete the Indian electronics system design and manufacturing (ESDM) sector
Make in India
Telecommunications: Towards Consolidation
The Indian telecom sector has undergone many changes in recent years. These can be attributed to the easy availability of low-priced devices, aggressive network coverage and affordable services. The deployment of 3G network in India also facilitated development of the broadband market
Make in India
Harnessing Wind Energy At Tareybhir: A Success Story
Tareybhir is a tourist attraction in south Sikkim. It has a clear view of wind path with no obstruction by trees and nearby mountains, and the wind is generally accounted to be high throughout the year. Wind-energy harnessing at Tareybhir with solar redundancy has been done to bring awareness about higher-capacities wind turbine system in this area
Smoke, Alcohol and LPG-Detection Alarm
Presented here is a circuit for raising an alarm on detecting smoke or LPG cooking gas leakage, or even alcohol vapours in breath. This is achieved by using a basic unit with different sensors for smoke, LPG and alcohol. So, different alarms can be made by simply changing the input sensor
Dual Audio-Signal Tracer
The circuit described here is of a dual audio-signal tracer. An audio-signal tracer is a simple device used to troubleshoot for audio signals in radio and other electronic circuitry
Wireless Intruder Alarm
The wireless intruder alert system presented here incorporates a passive infra-red (PIR) movement sensor and 433MHz readymade radio frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver modules
Useful Websites
Embedded Systems
Embedded technology is gaining popularity in majority of mechanical or electrical systems. Its application can be found in portable devices, from digital watches and MP3 players to large home appliances and industrial appliances. This month we have some online resources that will help you understand embedded systems better
Tech News
Worlds smallest hearing aid is almost invisible
A team of researchers has designed the world’s smallest hearing aid, which is so tiny that it is almost invisible. Called Nanoplug, the hearing aid is meant to be less intrusive, less noticeable and less expensive than other such devices. It measures only 7.1×5.7×4.17mm, which is half the size of any other hearing aid
Four-Channel Video and Audio Sequencer
Presented here is a simple circuit for switching your CCTV camera outputs sequentially. It switches four video and audio channels sequentially, one at a time
Bicycle USB Charger
This circuit has been developed to add a USB charging port to a bicycle for charging a mobile phone. The input supply for the circuit is produced by a dynamo (6V, 3W dynamo) in the bicycle
First Look
.Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Launched In India
.Chhota Bheem Tab By MOSTI
.Sony Launches Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Earphones
.Waaree Energies Introduces Solar Mobile Charger
.Tata Sky Launches 4K UHD Set-Top Box
.GizMo ByTes

Javascript Based Canvas Pendulum Clock
Clocks have become digitalised in recent times and we find fewer clocks from the past, such as pendulum based analogue clocks
Download source code
Setting-Up Your Own Personal Home Cloud
With the proliferation of devices like mobile phones and tablets, we find that photos and videos that we shoot are not easily shareable
Host Software for RFID Based Attendance Management System (Part 1 of 2 )
In this article we describe how to design the user interface (UI) for a hardware and link data received from the hardware to a database on Windows PC
Download source code
Make In India
Substituting surmounting imports for industrial growth
PHD Chamber, under the electronics and engineering goods committee, recently organised a seminar on electronics with a focus on substituting the surmounting imports in the electronics sector by creating a conducive environment for domestic manufacturing in the sector. The vision is similar to Prime Minister Modi’s Make in India
Make In India
Automotive diode
Littelfuse has introduced the SLD series TVS diode for automotive and high-reliability applications. It offers circuit designers the freedom to upgrade their circuit protection in their existing design footprint or provide more robust load dump protection for new projects
Make in India
Harnessing Wind Energy At Tareybhir: A Success Story

A Free MATLAB Alternative Called Octave
Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) is an all-time favourite tool for electronics engineers working on data interpretation and analysis.
Multiple Design-and-Simulation Tools in One: Fedora Electronic Lab
Are you working on a new electronics project from scratch? Does it include a designing-and-automating process?
Realistic Neural Modelling Using GENESIS
Bio-electronic engineers around the world are working on neural simulations for quite a long time
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