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March  2015   Issue Vol. 47  No. 3 

Tech Focus
Electronically Overhauling the Homo Sapien
Neil Harbisson, 32, can receive phone calls directly into his head. He can perceive colours invisible to the human eye

Buyers’ Guide
Touch-Screen, Wireless and Detachable Displays Make Modern Multimeters Exciting
From general-purpose to high-end measurements, multimeters are widely-used tools
Tech Focus
Pretty and Purposeful Wearables
Smartwatches, smartglasses and fitness wearables have been much talked about in the past year
Stridalyzer: A Uniquely-Designed Wearable for Runners
Runners are among those lucky groups of people who are in the spotlight of the tech industry
What You Ought to Know About Designing Memory into Embedded Systems
The era of data and information explosion is upon us. A 10.2cm (4-inch) iPhone today has 128GB of storage, which is far more storage than that of an average desktop computer from 15 years ago
Battle of the SoCs
Gone are the days when mobile phones were considered a luxury. Nowadays, necessity is the best way to describe these
Tuning to Terahertz Electronics
The terahertz (THz) region (nominally 0.1-10THz) separates electronics from photonics, and has historically been difficult to access
Test & Measurement
Seven Ways to Effectively Use Today’s Feature-Heavy Scopes
Since its inception, the oscilloscope is one test and measurement product that has seen a lot of transformations to deal with the needs of new technological advancements
Defence Electronics
Precision-Guided Munitions: Laser-Guided Munitions (Part 2 of 4)
Laser-guided munitions are the most widely exploited electro-optically-guided precision-strike munitions on various land based, sea based and airborne military platforms, such as main battle tanks, armoured fighting vehicles, ships, fighter aircrafts and attack helicopters
This Month’s DVD Contents
This month’s DVD is a collection of a variety of electronics software, ranging from the PCB design suite from Cadence to the semiconductor simulator for submicron and nanoscale devices. Make sure to try the free e-adventure for all your fun creations
Towards an Extra Layer of Security: The Cost of Two-Factor Authentication (Part 3 of 3)
By now, we know what two-factor authentication (TFA) is and how it can be an extremely useful security tool. In this concluding part of the article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of TFA, along with various tokens/services available in the market for activating TFA
"Programmable SoMs based on an FPGA have both sequential processing and broad massive parallel programmable logic processing..."
In this interview, we take a look at what programmable SoCs powered by field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) can offer a design engineer. Ramani Sundaresan, managing director, India, and Bryan Fletcher, global technical marketing director, Avnet Electronics Marketing, speak with Dilin Anand of EFY at the X-Fest 2014 event in Bengaluru
"Wearable devices are intensely personal"
Smartwatches, wristbands, goggles and soles—the variety of wearable electronics in the market has delightfully surged in the last year. In this interview, we take a look at the intricacies of designing a wearable device. Anshuman Singh and Shuvadeep Sarkar, co-founders of ReTiSense, speak with Dilin Anand of EFY
Many disciplines are now involved in getting a final electronic product out of the drawing board
This discussion takes a look at how electronics design tools have evolved and what new challenges these can now help solve. Elmar Dukek, EMEA VAR manager, and Sreekanth Tammana, country manager—India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Altium Europe GmbH, speak with Dilin Anand from EFY
Buyers’ Guide
Be Smart When Buying a Smartwatch
Smartwatches have grown from just being a fad to a lifestyle necessity. Makers of smartwatches have pointed out on various occasions that the segment has not grown at the expected pace, but this is likely to change in 2015
Make in India
Market Survey: LED Lighting and Automotive Industry to Boost SMT Equipment Demand
With an enormous increase in the demand for smaller and efficient electronic products, the surface mount technology (SMT) is now at a boom
Useful Websites
All about FPGAs
Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are programmable digital logic chips that can be used to create our own digital circuit. This month we highlight a few websites that will introduce and help you learn more about these programmable semiconductor devices
Tech News
Skin based device can now convert muscle movements into electricity
A team of researchers from National University of Singapore, Singapore, has developed a new method to charge wearable gadgets
First Look
.Xiaomi Launches Mi 4
.Convertible Laptop from Acer
.Bluetooth Speakers from Creative
.TomTom launches Fitness Tracker in India
.Mini-Single Lens by Samsung
.GizMo ByTes

Make in India
Government to focus on solar and other green sources of energy
PM Modi wants his government to focus on solar and other green sources of energy
Make in India
BarGuide connectors are developed to meet the ever-evolving demands for high-power distribution in high-density packaging and these are used to provide high-amperage connections between busbars and circuit boards
The G Hardware Design Language
G hardware design language (GHDL), where G has no meaning, might remind us of very high-speed integrated circuit hardware description language (VHDL)
Archimedes: A Free Monte Carlo Simulator for Semiconductor Device Simulations
Archimedes is a free technology computer aided design (TCAD) software package used for designing and simulating submicron and mesoscopic semiconductor devices
MyHDL: A Python Based Hardware Description Language
Conventionally, the design of digital hardware systems is done using a specialised hardware description language (HDL), like VHDL and Verilog
Mini Offline UPS
Most of the systems are powered by AC mains. Uninterrupted power supply systems (UPSes) are there as a back-up to power the systems when mains supply is interrupted due to a power cut
5V from Portable Wind Turbine
This project deals with the design and development of a portable wind turbine unit, capable of generating electricity from the kinetic energy in the wind
Letterbox with Letter-Counting Facility
Here is a circuit that starts counting when you insert a letter in the letterbox at your home or office
Audio Buffer and Line Driver with Low Quiescent Current
Some of the pick-ups for guitars and other string instruments provide high output voltages
Wireless Baby Monitor
A baby monitor can help you find peace of mind. You can now monitor your sleeping baby with this wireless baby monitor
Analogue Input on Raspberry Pi
While you can connect your analogue input/output devices to Arduino very easily, it is not so easy with Raspberry Pi (Raspi)
Host Software for RFID Based Attendance Management System (Part 2 of 2)
In the first part, we covered designing the user interface (UI) program, but that is not complete unless we include the service layer project and enable client-server interaction
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February 2015
Issue Vol. 47 No. 2


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