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May  2016   Issue Vol. 48  No. 5 

Tech Focus
Sometimes it is the applications that drive a technology. We can look at ‘Big Data’ as one of the reasons why the spotlight is back on solid-state storage technology. Solid-state storage is not new.

Beaming Internet From Space Through As trome
While the Internet is now considered a necessary portal for the flow of information, sixty eight per cent of the population of our country still does not have access to it.
A Guide To Smoke Detectors And Fire Alarms
Residential fires have become a significant problem throughout the country. Fire officials estimate that at least fifty per cent of lives that are lost due to residential fires could be saved by installing early-warning fire-detection devices.
Driving A Wireless Robotic Car Using IR Sensors
Presented here is an Arduino and AT89C2051 microcontroller (MCU) based robot. The robot is controlled using infrared (IR) sensors and wireless radio frequency (RF) communication.
Download source code
Fastest Finger First System Using Raspberry Pi
Fastest finger first systems are used in school, college and TV contests. The team which
presses their push-button switch first is entitled to answer the query.
Download source code
Electronic Thermostat For Fridge
A thermostat is a standard equipment for sensing temperature of a system and maintaining it at a pre-defined point. It is a regular feature in airconditioners, room heaters and refrigerators.
MATLAB Based Graphical User Interface For Digital Image Watermarking
A digital watermark is a kind of mark or image that is embedded in a multimedia carrier and can be used to verify the authenticity or integrity of the owner of multimedia carrier.
Download source code
Universal Power Supply
Linear regulators like LM317, LM337, 78xx and 79xx, Zener diodes (1.3W) and reference diodes (e.g., LM336) are quite inexpensive and widely available. So you can use these liberally in power supplies.
Child monitoring Circuit
This small circuit, in two parts, helps in ensuring that a child does not get lost in a crowd during big festivals.
Here is a simple and inexpensive visitor counter circuit that you can build easily.
A Guide To Model Rocketry
Model rocketry is an interesting hobby. To have a safe and predictable flight, rocketeers must have keen interest and some experience in the field. Lack of insight into the underlying
technology reflects badly on them.
Network Troubleshooting Using Packet Sniffer wireshark
In industries, many systems are based on networks comprising different devices and controllers that work on some protocols.
Buyers Guide
3D Printers Costing Under ` 100,000
3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is considered to be a disruptive technology that could power the next industrial revolution.
Cloud Computing
How Cloud Based Radio Access Networks Can Solve Operators’ Problems
The exploding growth of handsets, tablets and the new set of connected devices such as smartwatches, eye-glasses combined with massive, high-bandwidth video usage results in high interference in radio access networks (RANs) and poor spectrum efficiency.
Defence Electronics
Directed Energy Weapons: Particle Beam Weapons Technology
Part 1 of this article last month covered directed energy weapons, kinetic energy weapons and particle beam weapons.
Test & Measurement
Digital Signals, Upgradability And UHD TV Driving AUDIO-VISUAL TESTING
Switching on a television set in the evenings is a habit for most. Surfing through the channels we may find a telecast we like and go on to watch.
Test & Measurement
Media Processors: Maximising Performance, Minimising Power
Right from the smartphone in your hand to the dashboard of your car, the embedded media processor is working continuously to deliver what you see and what you hear.
Ignite Your Passion For DIY With This DVD
Arduino 1.6.8: Arduino has been around for quite some time in the Internet of Things zone. Arduino boards enable computers to assess and interact with the surroundings by processing data from sensors.
Get Set To Start Coding With Arduino
Arduino is one of the most conveniently designed and efficiently structured prototype open source platforms available. What makes Arduino unique is the ease of putting across its instructions to the microcontroller using its own baseline Arduino programming language.
Make FPGA Based Wonders With Papilio Boards
We have come a long way today from the age of mainframe computers that took up an entire floor of a large building, or that famous joke about a Russian who was carrying suitcase-sized batteries for his smartwatch.
Wiring: Open Source Platform For Microcontrollers
Hernando Barragán is not a name that you would recall easily. But you might recognise something that he helped create.
In India, the challenge Is Not Always About
connecting the factory

We hear a lot about the massive productivity increase that completely automated and connected factories can deliver over the existing setup. This talk by Dilin Anand of EFY with senior executives of Tata Technologies takes a look at the various elements that come into play when moving from a traditional factory to a futuristic connected factory
Useful Websites
3D Modelling
Every hobbyist needs a 3D modelling tool to create a 3D model of the object he or she is dreaming of. This month we introduce some of the websites that will help you learn and explore your skills in this field
Most Important Thing In IoT Deployment Is The
Last Mile

The Internet of Things (IoT) has started going into the phase where it drives design houses and firms to get even more creative with the solutions that they develop and implement. This interview is based on the talk Dilin Anand of EFY had recently with the
senior executives of telematics4u where they looked at the developments seen in the telematics side of things
Make In India
How Far Will 3D Printing Go
Three-dimensional (3D) printing can help industry think faster, innovate better and broaden the horizons of the manufacturing ector.
eStyle Buyers' Guide
Activity Tracker Fit For You
"The best project you’ll ever work on is you,” said a wise man once. Most of us being avid DIYers working on interesting electronics projects, adding a project to work on our health would be considered a welcome move.
Tech News
DNA storage could make data centres obsolete
Imagine being able to store a data centre’s worth of information on something the size of a single USB stick. A new technique developed by a team of computer scientists could one day make this possible using something borrowed from nature: DNA.
For The Pet
Dog-E-tronics For Dog Lovers To Simplify Life And Provide Security
Dogs have been an important part of families since a long time. From being watch-dogs to family companions, dogs have been a support to mankind.
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April 2016
Issue Vol. 48 No. 4


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