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July  2015   Issue Vol. 47  No. 7 

Tech Focus
Float Like a Cadillac, Sting Like a Beemer
The car woke from its nap and drove over to where they were waiting. As they approached, a female’s voice rang out from the car to say, “Please go ahead,” letting them know that it was safe to pass in front of the car

Buyers’ Guide
Pocket-Friendly Oscilloscopes Under Rs 50,000
Do you feel your old oscilloscope has served you long enough; is it bulky, cumbersome and feature-starved?
Autonomic Computing Without Human Intervention
In August 2013, computer scientists from Japan and Germany managed to simulate one per cent of human brain activity for a single second
Tech Focus
Age of The Drivables
Road safety slogans like ‘Alert Today; Alive Tomorrow’ might become redundant in the future with the kind of safety, information, communication, entertainment and comfort features that are being built into today’s cars
Lunar Exploration by Privately-Funded Teams: A New Beginning
Space missions across the world have mainly been funded by respective government agencies
Photonic ICs Now Compete With Electronic ICs
Electronic integrated circuits (Fig. 1) are arguably the most significant technology of the 20th century
Circuit Protection: Too Important to be an Afterthought
Determining whether a circuit is adequately protected can require a high-level view of the electrical distribution system, from the fault current available at the source of supply down to the end device connected to the system
Test & Measurement
Test and Measurement Tools for LED Lighting
In the arena of light emitting diode (LED) test and measurement (T&M), manufacturers are creating many modular T&M devices, which allow for a swift assessment of lighting components and devices. Drivers are an important component in the performance and reliability of LEDs as well
STAR: A Multi-Purpose Wearable Gadget from India
Wearable technology has seen tremendous growth in the past year
Basic User Interface Design for Electronics Engineers
An engineer studies electronics at the bachelor level, and what he or she learns are the fundamentals of electronics and how to use these for designing circuits
"Manage those fans in a better way and easily cut down power consumption"
Power and automation are two areas that stand to see significant gains from modern sensor, processing and communication technologies. Vivek Sharma, regional vice president, Greater China and South Asia region - India operations, director - India design centres, STMicroelectronics, speaks with Dilin Anand of EFY
"Processors will have more processing power than the human brain"
5G has not been formally defined yet, but it has become imperative to connect machines and people to each other across the planet. However, will it be just another increase to the peak bandwidth? Rahman Jamal, global technology and marketing director at National Instruments, explains as he speaks with Dilin Anand from EFY
This Month’s DVD Contents
This month’s DVD contains some interesting software starting from LabView and Ngspice in the electronics design section to a circuit design tool for printed circuit boards (PCBs).
It also contains utility tools supporting electronics design and simulation processes
Product Quality Perceptions of Chinese SMEs and the Best Option to Buy Quality Products from China
I have 55 years of experience as a designer of electronic products for professional use. I have been manufacturing these with the best quality possible for our Indian and European customers
Make in India
Market Survey: Safer, Smarter, Greener Mobility Fuelling Automotive Electronics
in India

Automotive electronics plays an important role in sensing, computing and actuating the different features and functionalities of a car
Buyers’ Guide: Why Buy Bluetooth Speakers
Nothing can brighten up a dull moment like a favourite melody. Music plays an important part in our lives. It brings positive energy to our hectic, stressful lives
Five Tablets Under Rs 25,000
We all thought that tablets will replace netbooks and notebook PCs, but that did not happen
TarsosDSP: A Real-Time Audio Analysis and Processing Framework
In last month’s EFY Plus, we discussed Essentia, a C++ library for audio analysis. In this issue we will discuss a Java based real-time audio analysis and processing framework known as TarsosDSP
Ngspice: Spice Circuit Simulator
Ngspice is an open source Spice circuit simulator with its code based on three open source software packages, namely, Cider1b1, Xspice and Spice3f5
CImg: A Powerful C++ Library for Image Processing
CImg is a simple C++ toolkit intended to simplify the efforts of developers trying to implement new image-processing algorithms from scratch
Arduino Based Gesture-Controlled Robot
Presented here is an Arduino based gesture-controlled robot, which is controlled through an accelerometer module using wireless radio frequency (RF) communication
Download source code
Android Application for an RC Charging and Discharging Circuit
An RC circuit is an electric circuit consisting of a resistor and a capacitor
Download source code
Electronic Door Lock Using Arduino
Presented here is an electronic locking system in which Arduino Nano plays the role of the processing unit
Download source code
See and Speak Using Raspberry Pi
Imagine a machine that can see and speak, and is fully portable. It is surprising, right? In this article, we present a system based on Raspberry Pi, or Raspi, that can see and speak
Download source code
Daytime Running Lights Controller
Auto makers have been gradually switching to light emitting diode (LED) lighting for automotive headlamps because of its features such as high efficiency and long service life
AC/DC Signal Mixer, Follower, Buffer and Inverter with 10 Inputs
Often we want to add multiple AC/DC signals to produce the needed composite output signal. One such instance is when we want to add several audio signals for a home entertainment system, or when we wish to add several sinusoidal, triangular or rectangular signals
Low-Frequency Electronic Muscle Stimulator
Here is a simple low-frequency electronic muscle stimulator used in electrotherapy (use of electrical energy for medical treatment)
Over-Heat Detector
NTC thermistors are often the preferred choice for temperature sensing and control in many applications, primarily because of their small package sizes and attractive price-performance ratios
Verilator is a Verilog hardware description language (HDL) simulator that can compile synthesisable Verilog code into C++ or SystemC. It is designed primarily for high-performance simulations, and supports simple assertions and code-coverage analysis
Download source code
Useful Websites
Automotive Electronics
With the growth of technology, electronics has become a major game changer in the automotive industry. Here are a few websites that could help you understand more
Tech News
Robotic arm that can perform surgery
A robotic arm, inspired by an octopus’ tentacles, is set to make it easier for surgeons to access hard-to-reach parts of a body. The device uses a series of inflatable chambers to imitate how an octopus moves its limbs in any direction
Make in India: Industry News
Electronics to drive growth, revenue and employment
The government of India has received proposals worth Rs 650 billion for electronics manufacturing in the country under modified special incentive package scheme (M-SIPS)
First Look
.Wireless Portable Speaker from Harman Kardon
.SUHD 4K curved smart TV from Samsung
.Teewe launches HDMI dongle
.Sennheiser URBANITE launched in India
.Videocon launches VA81M tablet
.GizMo ByTes

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