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Electronics For You
May  2018   Issue Vol. 50  No. 5 

Beyond The Six Senses
Sensors have radically changed how we understand and interact with our world in real time. These allow us to detect data and other key performance metrics that can be analysed to get accurate information for weather forecast, automation, defence, military and aerospace.

Smart World
Impact Of Smart Workplaces On Enhanced Employee Productivity
While the right light with the best-in-class LED system is the base today, a connected lighting system can enable companies to benefit from space optimisation, HVAC integration and cleaning schedule optimisation, and enhance overall employee productivity
Smart World
Tracking Solutions To Improve Supply Chain And Logistics
Adoption of tracking solutions in businesses is on a rise. However, the challenge lies in awareness
Smart World
Is India Reaping The Benefits Of Low Power Communication Yet?
Transceivers used in LPWAN remain off throughout and wake up only when a data signal needs to be transmitted or received
Cognitive Science and Technology: Building Futuristic Education Systems
Internet boom and emergence of smartphones as the largest-used devices to consume data have disrupted several industries like newspapers, book publishing, music and films, among others.
Wireless Charging: Fuel Of The Future
Wireless charging eliminates the requirement of charging cables and allows charging of multiple devices in parallel. There are no charging cable incompatibility issues.
QLED And IGZO: The Future Of Television Display Technology
Product display screens are output devices that are used to represent output data or information. These are used in almost all electronic devices, such as mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators and computers.
Test & Measurement
T&M Calibration: Trends And Upgrades
Test and measurement (T&M) devices can deliver accurate results as long as these are calibrated regularly. Precision is of utmost importance for any industrial test application.
Test & Measurement
Test And Measurement Equipment Requirements For Defence
The defence and aerospace (A&D) industry has developed hand in hand with the test equipment industry. The technology and electronics used in the test and measurement (T&M) industry are required to check for damage, quality, efficiency and reliability of the parts.
Consumer Electronics
Beauty Electronics At Home
The rising quest of people to fulfil their beauty needs is leading to the development and popularity of fabulous electronic grooming tools. Electronics manufacturers see promise in a range of beauty gadgets targeting women in particular, from high-tech hair dryers to steam skin moisturisers.
Defence Electronics
modern Sensors For Defence And Military Applications
Modern military and defence environments require proven, reliable and scalable technologies. Sensors are a critical part of the technologies as these provide solutions to the whole defence ecosystem, including complex controls, measurements, monitoring and execution.
Defence Electronics
Optronic Sensors For Imaging
Part-2 of 6

Two most common types of imaging sensors with potential military applications include charge-coupled device (CCD) sensors and complementary metaloxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensors.
Defence Electronics
Wireless Technology For Defence
Communication is essential for military operations, although it is difficult to establish in many cases. Laying cables, deploying equipment and securing connections is time consuming, inflexible and limits users’ mobility.
“The Iot Cannot Be Built By A Single Person—It Always Involves Partnerships”
Applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) are undergoing prolific expansion across industries. Ranging across verticals such as manufacturing, utilities, logistics and agriculture, the IoT is shifting the paradigm of technology. What does this mean for India’s IoT ecosystem? How will the business opportunities in IoT evolve? Rajkiran, director, Thingworx OEM business, talks to Nidhi Arora, executive editor, Electronics For You
"A Good Digital Engineer Must Be Adept In Analogue Electronics To Be Successful"
How is technology shaping the future of electronics components? Rahul Chopra, editorial director, EFY Group, discusses the same in conversation with Anil Telikepalli, executive director of business management, industrial and healthcare, Maxim Integrated
Make In India
Market Survey
The Prospects For The Indian Security And Surveillance Sector

The global security and surveillance industry has grown in importance owing to the growing importance placed on safety and well-being, both in residential and commercial sectors.
Make In India
StartUp Zone
A ‘Made In India’ Solar Electric Car To Drive Sustainability

RVCE solar car team from RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru has developed electric vehicle ARKA. The interdisciplinary team comprises more than 30 engineering students from electronics and communication, computer science, mechanical, aerospace and chemical engineering streams.
Make In India
A Magnetic Widget For Customer Engagement
For Your Business

Founded by Ankur Phadnis, Feedify, in one statement, helps you get, retain and squeeze value out of your customer in today’s virtual world. It is a complete customer engagement product that offers all of these.
Make In India
A CRM Tool To Help You Sell More In Less Time
Vyshakh Nair and Farooq A. Rahim identified the importance of resources a company allocates towards their sales team and the need to optimise the utilisation of those resources.
Touchscreen And GLCD-Based Home Automation
This project controls home electrical appliances using a touchscreen input device. The system comprises two relays for controlling a bulb and a fan as an example.
Download source code
Graphical Data Display With Arduino And HTML5
Most Arduino-based projects use LCDs to show data, but this project instead uses webpage so that more details can be displayed in a graphical form and accessed from anywhere through the Internet.
Download source code
Wireless LCD Display Via Bluetooth
This wireless LCD display shows information sent from a smartphone. The user can send text
messages with up to 32 alphanumeric characters to the LCD within Bluetooth range of about 10 metres.
Download source code
10-Watt Audio Amplifier Using LM1875
Here is a simple 10-watt audio amplifier using IC LM1875. The IC has five pins and can deliver a maximum of 18-watt output power depending upon the supply voltage and load. The author’s prototype is shown in Fig. 1.
Multi-Status Indicator Using Single Rgb Led
Monitoring circuits in battery chargers, water-level indicators, etc use LEDs to indicate the status of certain conditions. Presented here is a circuit that uses a single RGB LED for seven different indications.
Implementation Of Shannon Fano Elias Encoding Algorithm Using LabVIEW
Shannon Fano Elias encoding algorithm is a precursor to arithmetic coding in which probabilities are used to determine code words. It is a lossless coding scheme used in digital communication.
Download source code
Useful 3D Printing Tools And Messaging Solutions
. Cura
. Pidgin
. Openfire
. Miranda IM
. DC++
. LAN Messenger
. Psi
. Rambox
OpenSCAD Software For 3D Modelling
Designing prototypes is made easier by creating the model digitally first. This ensures accuracy and flawlessness in the design before moving ahead with the physical creation.
Slic3r: A Reliable 3D Printing Companion
The use of 3D printing has become extensively popular over the last few years. Software has taken up a gamut of responsibilities to aid the process. In this article we explore one such useful software called Slic3r—a 3D slicing software for 3D printers, available to users as
a free open source entity.
Industry News
India’s biggest electronics cluster project to take off at Bhosari, Pune
After receiving an in-principle approval in 2015, the much-awaited brownfield electronics manufacturing cluster being established by Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) is set to take off within the next three months.
eStyle FirstLook
Some New Gadgets!
. Action camera Frame the perfect shot
. Smart speakers Hands-free help around the house
. Vacuum cleaner Cord-free and hassle-free
. Smartphone World’s sleekest GSM phone
. Laptop Carbon-tough yet ultralight
. Powerbank Never let your devices run out of power
. Earphones Immersive music experience with active noise cancellation
. GizMo ByTes
Orkut launches Hello app in India
Otter, a smart note-taking, collaboration app
Google’s URL-shortening service shuts down
Lift Storage, a minimal workout app

eStyle Buyers' Guide
Choosing The Best High-End Smartphone
Purchasing a premium smartphone usually comes with a number of expectations— superfast performance, butter-smooth interface, high-quality camera and other cool features.
eStyle Printer
bring Your 3D Printing Imagination to shape with
3D printing is the process of giving life to
our imagination. Solid 3D objects are printed layer by layer using a computer and a digital file.
Tech News
Organic solar cells reach record efficiency
University of Michigan researchers have demonstrated organic solar cells that can achieve 15 per cent efficiency, in an advance that makes a more flexible, inexpensive type of solar cell commercially viable. This level of efficiency is in the range of many solar panels, or photovoltaics, currently on the market.
eStyle Eyewear
Smart Glasses: Digital Eyes To Look At The World
The Terminator and Iron Man movie series always made me wish for glasses that would pop out digital readings. Today, that has become a reality.
eStyle Home
Multi-Purpose Smart Air-Coolers
Does it ever happen to you at a store that, when a sales person explains the features of a
product, you are unable to relate to any of the technical terms used.
eStyle Travel
Smart Briefcases For The smart traveller In You
Suppose you will be flying to Bengaluru
tonight for a two-day business trip.
Blender: A Superb Tool For 3D Designs And Animations
For computer animation enthusiasts and 3D designers, Blender is a popular and useful software. It is free, open source and highly ergonomic, making creation of 3D designs and models easy.
eStyle Gaming
Desktop, Laptop or Console: Which One Fits Your Gaming Needs Best?
Your old gaming laptop just died, and you are
planning to get a new system. But you cannot make up your mind whether you should get another laptop or shift to a desktop computer?
To-Do List Apps These Will Remember Everything For You
You no longer need to worry about for -
getting your important to-dos anymore! You can let your smartphone remember things for you and remind you whenever and whereever you need.
Different Ways To Make Your TV Smart
Sunday is almost here and you are keen on making the most of it by bingewatching your favourite Netflix series without getting out of your bed.
Seven Interesting Apps To Use Your Old Android Smartphone In Different Ways
Most of us change our smartphone every two years, and others even more frequently. Often, we wonder what to do with these old smartphones? Well, your old Android phone can
come handy in a lot of ways. You just need to install a few applications to make the phone multipurpose
GPS Clock Using Arduino
Global positioning system (GPS) synchronised clocks give accurate time. These clocks are universal and commonly used at rail-way stations, bus stands and airports. These are widely used for military purposes too.
Download source code
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