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March 3, 2021
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April 8, 2021

MEDIA KIT: Electronics For You

Born in 1969.
At IIT Madras.

(India’s Leading Engineering Institution)

Enable informed decisions
related to Technology.

Decisions could be connected with R&D, purchase, deployment, investment, career or education, but as long as they are connected with tech, Electronics For You magazine's mission is to help its readers in making informed decisions.

Calendar Scrapped

Effective 2021, we’ve decided that we will no longer be publishing our Editorial Calendar. Instead, we will be sharing the list of key topics that we strive to drive. But, without any guarantees. We want to retain the right (and power) to throw not-so-great content into the dustbin and not waste trees on it.

4 Audience Segments.
4 Editorial Sections.

Entire content of the magazine has been divided into 4 separate sections. Each section targets a specific target audience, and helps them make their informed decisions.


Features technology trends & innovations.
For all those interested in latest technology.
This section appeals to a broad spectrum of EFY’s audience, who want to know what's cutting edge, and why is it important.


Section focused on Electronics Design.
Features content that enables R&D and Design Engineers to design electronics circuits, embedded systems and complete systems.

3. DIY

Features DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) content.
Targets DIY enthusiasts.
Many R&D and Design professionals refer to this section too, for ideas on how to solve their design challenges.


Features content that assists “investment” related decisions.
A section targeting CXO-level audience which takes decisions related to investments.
Be it investing in deploying IoT in a factory, or investing in an SMT line. Or, figuring out how recent government policy will affect business opportunities. It's all discussed here.

Both Formats

Print & E-zine

Electronics For You is available in both formats: print and e-zine.

The PRINT edition is sold to readers via news-stands or they subscribe to it from our website.

The E-ZINE edition is sold as individual editions or subscriptions, from our website, and also through the website of our partner: Magzter.

World’s Only Electronics
Magazine for Whom
Readers STILL PAY!

Are you aware of
any electronics magazine
for which readers still pay?

We've scanned the list of all popular publication--including German and Japanese publication.

We could not find any.

Except one: Electronics For You.

Study Confirms
EFY’s market-share is
35 TIMES as that
of nearest competitor!

ELCINA (India's Leading Electronics Industry Association) and IMRB (India's Leading B2B Market Research Agency) conducted India's 1st survey of media consumption pattern of India's electronics fraternity.

This report, which can be bought from ELCINA's website, confirmed that Electronics For You occupies 78.8% market-share while IEEE's SPECTRUM which occupies the 2nd slot, has 2% market share only!

What about the rest?
"No comments"

electronics for you

The curated e-zine avatar of Electronics For You.

In simpler words, electronics for you EXPRESS (aka EFY Express) is an e-zine only publication with select editorial and advertisements taken from Electronics For You.

It has a simple mission: Reach out to the Digital generation, across the globe, and influence them to want to upgrade to the flagship publication.

Launched in Nov 2020, EFY Express is exposed to 300,000-plus techies, with the aim to exceed half-a-million within 6 months of its launch.

EFY’s Supporting Eco-system

These are digital properties related to Electronics For You, which enable us to maintain healthy levels of readership…

1.5 Million Unique Users Annually


EFY's Design Engineer's Community

1 Million-plus Followers


Electronics India

13K-plus Followers

Circulation & Readership Stats

Due to Covid, there has been a slight impact on circulation--especially sales via news-stands, and distribution of copies at events, the launch of EFY Express has enabled us to cover the gaps and connect with an even larger audience.
Following figures provide a broad average…

Estimated Unique Readership of EFY (Print), EFY (e-Zine) and EFY Express (E-zine)

Monthly: 350,000+

Annually: 600,000+

Monthly Breakup of Readership

EFY Print: 200,000

(Based on 4:1 ratio (readers: copies) for print publications)

EFY E-zine: 50,000

EFY Express: 100,000

((Expanding rapidly)
1. We provide bonus publicity via promotion of ad and brand/logo via our Leading Supplier of Electronics monthly emailer
2. The actual readership for print might be a bit lower in 2021, due to lower reader-to-copy ratio because of Corona
3. But, readership via EFY Express is expanding at a very high pace now and expected to touch 200,000 before end of 2021


Your Ads May Not Generate Phone Calls.

Our recent surveys of our readers indicate:
1. Very few readers pick up the phone and call after seeing an ad (less than 15%)

2. Most readers instead Google and visit your website (60-plus %)

3. Some readers shoot an email with a query (20-plus %)

TIP: To identify the BEST IMPACT of your advertising, check Google Analytics of your website, and see if there's been a surge in traffic--especially (i) Direct traffic and Search traffic for products or offers mentioned in your ad.

Different Needs.
Different Options.

Premium Pages

The Cover Strip, Gate-fold, Inside Cover, Back Cover, and few more offer the ability for brands to communicate their Premium to their target audience.

Branding Pages

Ads placed along with editorial pages throughout the magazine offer a good opportunity for Branding and Response Generation.
All four editorial sections feature Branding Ads: Tech, Design, DIY and Invest.

Business Pages

If 'immediate' Return-on-Investment is your primary concern, and you don't want to invest in Brand Awareness or Brand Building, then this section placed near the end of the magazine is perfect for you.

Here, ads appear one in front of the other. No editorial pages in between.

Response Ads

These are similar to Classified ads in news-papers. They are the MOST budget-friendly ads available in Electronics For You. They appear right at the end.

Ad Sizes to Suit Budgets

Electronics For You offers a range of ad sizes to ensure that we have an option to suit your budget. Here's a showcase of different types and sizes of ads, displayed in the order of most budget-friendly first...

Double Spread


IMPACT Ad Size / Positions US$ INR US$ INR
BIG BANG Front Gatefold $3,940 ₹225,000 - -
BIG BANG Art Paper Insert (2 sided ad) $3,500 ₹200,000 - -
PREMIUM Back cover $2,630 ₹155,000 - -
PREMIUM Opening page (Facing IFC) $2,440 ₹126,500 - -
PREMIUM Inside front cover (IFC) $2,535 ₹135,000 - -
PREMIUM Opposite Contents $2,340 ₹126,500 - -
PREMIUM Inside back cover (IBC) $2,340 ₹120,000 - -
PREMIUM Last page (Facing IBC) $2,240 ₹110,000 - -
PREMIUM Front Cover Strip $2,535 ₹135,000 - -
PREMIUM Pages 7, 9, 11, 13, 15,17, 19, 21 $2,145 ₹99,990 - -
BRANDING Full page $1,950 ₹85,000 $350 ₹20,000
BRANDING Half page $1,200 ₹52,000 $220 ₹12,500
BRANDING Quarter page $750 ₹32,000 - -
BRANDING Strip ad (V) $900 ₹45,000 - -
BRANDING Strip ad (H) $700 ₹30,000 - -
BRANDING Double spread $2,925 ₹127,500 $630 ₹36,000
ROI BIZ Page: Full Page $1,465 ₹63,750 - -
ROI BIZ Page: Half Page $900 ₹39,000 - -
CLASSIFIEDS Response Page $425 ₹16,500 - -

Special Deals & Offers

Reboot Industry:
The Extra Deliverables

An initiative to enable electronics industry to reboot faster.

Under this initiative, Series Discounts have been increased. Discount structure has been made pyramidal. And, extra freebies have been added to provide advertisers with best possible return-on-investment (RoI).


ITW (Response)


Leading Supplier Newsletter

Ad Index

Suppliers’ Index

Same Ad in EFY Express

Audit of Ad

Full Page

ITW (Lite)







Half Page

ITW (Lite)







Qtr Page or Others

ITW (Super Lite)







Make in India

An initiative to promote Manufacturing of Electronics in India

What is Electronics For You doing to help accelerate electronics manufacturing?

That’s the question we keep asking ourselves

Our latest initiative in this direction is the launch of “Make in India” offer to drive growth of organisations that play a critical role in the electronics manufacturing eco-system.

Herein, firms that supply manufacturing equipment or tools, or are EMS providers, or provide design services– will enjoy a ‘first time in the history’ pricing on advertisements published in Electronics For You’s INVEST Section. The INVEST section features stories aimed at enabling technopreneurs and senior business and technology leaders in taking informed decisions related to business strategy, policy and market.

Plus, these ads will get published for FREE in EFY Express too.

Gift of Knowledge

Would you like to occupy the TOP OF THE MIND slot amongst your customers and prospects?

Would you like them to be reminded of YOU every month?
Would you like to send them a gift that will not caste a doubt on their or your integrity?

Gift of Knowledge is a scheme, wherein we send Electronics For You magazine in special packing along with customised letters from the editor, mentioning and thanking the sponsor (YOU)--every month.

A very attractive offer has been designed for the sponsors.

Brands That Advertise

Here's a list of leading brands that have advertised in recent times...


• EFY combines the benefits of PRINT and E-ZINE
• EFY has been rated as India's #1 electronics publication by an independent study
• EFY has advertising options to suit different marketing goals and advertising budgets
• EFY enables you to target your audience by placing your advertisements in sections catering to them
• Readers of EFY value its content enough to pay for the magazine or its e-zine
• EFY Express provides a Multiplier Bonus readership to select advertisers
• Plus, EFY provides many additional benefits to ensure best RoI for its advertisers