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What All Aspects Of Electronics Does EFY Cover?

Electronics is a very fast evolving subject. The speed at which technologies are evolving is not matched by the pace at which innovative applications of electronics are being implemented in our businesses and personal lives.

This vastness of electronics presents EFY's editorial team with exciting challenges and opportunities. And, that's why you see EFY covering electronics on four broad levels:


What is the R&D happening to create new technologies, concepts and products that will define the future of electronics?


How can we design electronics better? What are the latest products, solutions and best practices, which we can adopt to design better and faster?


What's the latest in the world of electronics manufacturing? What are the latest manufacturing equipment and practices that we need to keep an eye on?


What are the innovative applications of electronics being implemented across our society? What are the challenges being faced and how are they being tackled?


Electronics For You does not restrict itself to a single dimension of electronics alone--as in design or manufacture. It believes that the true value for our readers lies in being informed about the entire value-chain of electronics, and not just their field of specialisation.

Editorial Section

Electronics For You magazine is divided into 4 major sections:


Features technology trends & innovations. For all those interested in latest technology. This section appeals to a broad spectrum of EFY’s audience, who want to know what's cutting edge, and why is it important.


Section focused on Electronics Design. Features content that enables R&D and Design Engineers to design electronics circuits, embedded systems and complete systems.


Features DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) content. Targets DIY enthusiasts. Many R&D and Design professionals refer to this section too, for ideas on how to solve their design challenges.


Features content that assists in formulating business strategy and investment related decisions. A section targeting CXO-level audience that takes decisions related to investments and business strategies. Be it investing in deploying IoT in a factory, or investing in an SMT line. Or, figuring out how recent government policy will affect business opportunities. It's all discussed here.

Editorial Series

Tech Focus

The story that’s read by almost all readers of Electronics For You. This is where our journalists focus on cutting edge technologies and applications of electronics and present their benefits and business opportunities. If you want to be up-to-date with the present and ready for the future, this is one story you cannot miss.

Start-up and Smart World

A regular series where Start-ups and Innovations are featured month after month. The series were born to prove that when it comes to electronics, India is not just a land of traders, but has the talent and entrepreneurial spirit to create innovative products and solutions. And, we have been proving this fact, month after month, since 2010.

Electronics Design

Can we help engineers to design better electronics? That’s the challenge that our tech journalists face every month, when they do stories under this series. From selecting the right microprocessor, to tips on designing manufacturing-ready PCBs; from managing the power efficiently to tips on how to select the cheapest components—we speak to industry experts who have ‘been there, done that’ and share their expertise with our readers. .

Test & Measurement

T&M equipment is used in almost every phase of electronics—be it R&D, design, manufacture, trade, troubleshoot & repair, and even in education. Through this monthly series, EFY’s journalists update our readers about the latest products, solutions and best practices in this fast evolving field.

Industry Report

What’s growing? What’s not? What’s fuelling demand for electronics? Which policy is hurting our industry? Those are the ‘business’ issues that get focused upon, in this series. If you have a role to play in the growth of your business, and it’s related to electronics, this is an important series for you.

Everything You Wanted to Know

Under this series of articles we cover subjects that may not be new, but need to be informed. So that the readers can make the most of the information. These are kind of subjects that people want to know more about, but don't know who to ask!

Regular Features