Benefits of Subscribing Electronics For You Magazine | Free Access Webinar

Additional Benefits for Subscribers of
Electronics For You

Despite all the negative talk about "print media" -- why do subscribers of EFY Group publications continue to grow? The answer is simple. We believe that if we provide value to our subscribers, they will stay engaged.

The latest benefit, which we have added for our subscribers is: Access to Webinars.

Subscribers of EFY publications get access to a minimum of 4 webinars for free in a year. These webinars are on cutting edge technology topics such as: IoT, Open Source, DIY Electronics, LED Lighting, etc. Attendance to these webinars is paid for all, except our subscribers.

6 other benefits that are valued by our subscribers:

1. Money Back Guarantee. If our publications or our service do not meet your expectations, we refund your balance money - no questions asked.

2. SMS & Email Alerts. Every month, we send email and an SMS alerts to inform that your copy has been shipped, so you can raise a complaint if you don't receive your copy within reasonable time.

3. FREE Replacement Copies. In case of non-receipt or wrong-delivery, we send a replacement copy free of cost, as long as the issue is not more than 2 months old.

4. Common Login for E-zine Platform & Mobile Apps. We have common login details for the E-zine platform and NE Mobile App, for ease of use.

5. Change of Address: You can get your mailing address changed any time. You can do it yourself by logging into your account, or by emailing us at [email protected] so we can do it for you.

6. Best Content: Last, but the most important aspect--we publish world's leading publications on electronics and open source.

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