Electronics For You Express - Electronics for You

Electronics For You Express (EFY Express) is an ‘e-zine only’ publication that features select content and advertisements from the flagship publication ‘Electronics For You’…

  • An e-zine distributed free of cost
  • Featuring selective content of flagship publication
  • Featuring selecting advertisements of flagship publication

A publication created to enable techies from all across the globe to experience the promise of Electronics For You, and upgrade to the full edition, when they are convinced of the value.

If you are interested in the “why” behind Electronics For You Express, we’ve shared it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How’s EFY Express different from Electronics For You’s e-zine?
A. EFY Express will feature limited content and advertisement from the flagship publication. If you want to access the complete content, you will need to pay for a copy of Electronics For You–be it print or e-zine edition.

Q. Will there be a print edition of EFY Express too?
A. No. EFY Express will be available as an e-zine only. You will be able to view it in HTML 5 format.

Q. How can I get a copy of EFY Express?
A. EFY Express is being show-cased across all online properties of EFY including our popular websites such as www.electronicsforu.com and social media channels (like our Facebook community of 1 million-plus techies). Plus, the same is accessible through www.efymag.com.

Q. Can I advertise only in EFY Express? Is it cheaper?
A. Yes, you can opt to advertise only in EFY Express. The Launch Offer for a full-page ad in EFY Express is Rs 20,000 while a full page in the flagship (Electronics For You) is priced at Rs 85,000.

Q. What is the kind of readership numbers being targeted for EFY Express?
A. Our goal is to showcase EFY Express to 1 million-plus techies, and have it consumed by atleast 15% of that audience. Thus, we are targeting 150,000 readers of the e-zine, with 75% of them being from India, and balance from other countries.